Working together we can create a fantastic heirloom.

In case you were wondering ...

What are the components of a quilt?
A quilt consists of the four components - the front, back, batting, and binding.  I create the front and back by piecing fabric.  Once these are complete, the batting is placed between the front and back.  The batting provides the thickness and warmth to the quilt and historically was often an old blanket.  The whole thing is held together with quilting - stitches that show on the front and back.  All of my quilts are machine quilted.  Once the quilting is complete, a binding is applied that goes all the way around the quilt in a single piece.  Quilts that will be used as wall hangings have a sleeve at the top of the quilt to accept a curtain rod for easy hanging.

Can you use clothing to make a quilt?
I have made many quilts that incorporated (and given new life to) clothes.  These not only include the t-shirt quilts but also a variety of other applications.  The Andrew/Henry quilts took baby clothes and made snugly blankets for kindergarteners.  The tie quilt was made for the first grandchild the grandfather’s ties.  Most of the fabric in the Mason quilt is from clothes that belonged to the baby’s grandmother who passed away right before the baby was born.  All of these quilts stand on their own but using fabric this way provides additional meaning.  

How should I handle my quilt?
All of the quilts shown here are made to be washed and dried using the same setting you would use for permanent pressed shirts in your home machine.  With multiple washings, the quilt become very soft and pucker slightly to better highlight the quilting.

How much do you charge for these quilts?
The quilts are priced based on size and level of complexity. These, like all fine quilts, are created to be heirlooms that can be used and enjoyed. The least expensive quilts are approximately $275.  Examples of quilts in this price range are Scotties and Elsa on the Baby Quilt page.  The price for a baby quilt of similar size but greater complexity is higher.  I can also do other add-ins such as embroidering the name and birthday of the baby on the back of the quilt.  Quilts sized for beds are also priced based on size and level of complexity.  

How do you quilt large quilts?
I quilt baby and lap quilts myself.  For larger quilts, I send the completed front and back to an outside quilter to do the quilting.  The quilters I use do TERRIFIC work - on the t-shirt quilt tab, there are detailed pictures of quilting they’ve done (the Leaves and double wedding ring quilts) that show how quilting can truly enhance the underlying pattern.

How long does it take to create one of these quilts?
Although I work full-time in an office job, I really like making these quilts.  I will give you an anticipated delivery date based on the complexity and size of the project.  I can create most baby quilts in 3 weeks.  Large quilts like the T-shirt quilts are both more complex and must be sent out for quilting, which adds a bit of time to the process. If you are looking for graduation of wedding gifts, please don't put these off to the last minute.  

How do I get one of your quilts?
The first step is to contact me.  The best way to reach me is by e-mail at   In your e-mail, tell me the best way to contact you and we can get started.  I look forward to working with you!